Sayonara Motta

( KOL Italy )
Nike Athlete, international presenter and choreographer, founder of FITEDUCATION®. Responsible for the creation and dissemination of training programs for Nike Italy, Antigravity Yoga Inc NY and CRAB Training.
Phone: 0039 388 168 9034.

Giorgio Radici

Successful Athlete in the National Athletic Team of Italy.
- Nike Athlete and Educator for Nike Fitness Programs.
- International Presenter

Elena Simeone

Brevet d'Etat Metiers de la Forme, Lyon, France. Brevet Professionnel Pilates metode Roman Kryzanowska / Le Studio de Pilates de Paris, France. Master in Water Activities. Master of Functional Training activities and CRAB.

Alessandro Muo

Young and extremely talented instructor, presenter and personal trainer at the best clubs in Italy. Alessandro specializes in all kinds of strength equipment. Master trainer for Fiteducation.

Valentina Visconti

Sport professor, former national athlete swimming, athlete Nike since 2002, Fiteducation professor. Specialized Conditioning programs, Muscle Training, CRAB Training. Creator of the program ThayBoxe.

Cecilia Migliosi

It comes from the world of competition. Italian body fitness champion in 2010 with many national titles. Specialized programs toning and conditioning functional. Master trainer for Fiteducation.

Iulia Vasilescu

Licensed in Medical Engineering, specialized in product design, professional swimmer and Co. Founder Fiteducation Romania.

Phone: 004 0721 513 400,

Valentin Carausu

Valentin Carausu is a certified personal trainer, who after a 10 years of experience in fitness industry in Italy, decided to come back to Romania to be close to his family and friends, but also to introduce new training concepts and the latest fitness workout equipment. Gratuate of Physical Education University in Galati, he continued education by attending many related workshops and certification courses in Italy with a focus on functional training.

His opinion about CRAB?
"CRAB is the perfect example how a piece of equipment can become alive in your hands, by developing strenght, coordination, stability, aerobic and anaerobic capacity. Right from the start, when working out with this tool, you get amazed how versatile is, being ideal for athletic conditioning but also for personal workouts."

Israel Mallebré


Maria Hämäläinen

She comes from the world of athletics. Former national team athlete for body fitness. Fitness instructor specialized in strenght programs, BB and functional training. CrossFit and CrossFit Gymnastics Coach. Antigravity Yoga and group fitness insructor.

Din Saar

Din Saar Master trainer, earned a B. Ed in Physical Education, Nike Athlete, Nt+C certified, Personal trainer, founder of POWER DANCE program, master trainer and distributor of CRAB Israel (currently resides in Singapore).

Moran Koren

Moran Koren - B. Ed in Dance and Movement. NIKE Athlete for the past 11 years. N+tc Master Trainer . Dance and fitness International presenter. .Founder and Master Trainer POWER DANCE concept Master Trainer, Presenter and distributer of CRAB Israel.