CRAB 4kg
CRAB 4kg
CRAB 4kg
CRAB 4kg
CRAB 4kg

CRAB 4kg

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Weight: 4 kg
Color: Traffic White
Composition: AL + PVC



The CRAB is the hottest device for functional training on the market that uses iron and other materials structure for different weight that increase strengths to enable progressive resistance and multi-axis natural and ballistic movements. Itʼs a simple and effective whole body workout that the clients absolutely love.


Crab – Guidance on correct usage

Crab is a rigid product of a high quality metal composition. Being a metal material, it can be dangerous if not used in a correct manner. Therefore, in order to obtain the proposed results, you must follow the tips below.



Crab is intended to be raised, moved, discarded, dragged, tilted, rotated, straddle, etc., according to the teaching manual.

Crab cancels out the differences between strength training and 3D workouts.

Exercises with Crab are dynamic and rhythmic actions that include complex movements. It is good for beginners to use Crab by performing simple movements.



  • Crab is not intended to be bent, twisted, slammed or drilled.
  • Crab was not designed for simulating isolated body building exercises.
  • Crab versatility creates the opportunity to handle the device by performing more dangerous movements. That's why it requires enough space, increased attention and a gradual exercise learning methodology.



A limited one year warranty protects against manufacturer defects and begins the day you receive your crab order.

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