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Outdoor Training

Crab is an innovative tool that makes your body strong and your brain think

Crab Athletic

It is an open material (a complex product because of its versatility but simple in concept), powerful (I tried to give it the ability to improve ones motricity, ability that other products don’t have) and a device that can improve the way someone moves with the help of its form (optimal technique and movement mechanics) and control (correct use).”

- Flavius Turcanu

Crab Beat

Group exercise - (adapts to musical training sessions) Creative Thinking - In this advanced training phase, your program will be brought to a higher level to achieve optimal fitness.
Exploit your potential
Crab Beat Trainer Skills:
Physical resources; Passionate; Authentic; Confident; Enthusiastic; Confortable; Captivating

Crab Flow

Crab Flow is a lesson that combines yoga and pilates movements in dynamic flow but that seek maximum amplitude of movement.

Articular mobility, strength and endurance will be developed through different sequences, exploiting the support and weight of the crab, its versatility allows you to get the most out of these movements.

Crab and BJJ

BJJ is a martial art and a contact sport that is based on ground fights.
It uses joint techniques and strangulations which force the opponent to give up the fight. This discipline gives the skinnier, less physical athletes (thinner, with a shorter reach, less explosive force, etc.), the equal chance against a more massive, physically strong opponent, thanks to the use of levers and proper technique. This makes every fight equal from a physical point of view.

Crab is the perfect training device for the athletic training of BJJ athletes. It can take the opponents place, or it can be used in many forms related to its characteristics in order to create an effective and innovative training style.

Perfectly Balanced

Triangle Support

Jury Chechi

Champion's tool


Alessandro Muo

Young and extremely talented instructor, presenter and personal trainer at the best clubs in Italy. Alessandro specializes in all kinds of strength equipment. Master trainer for Fiteducation. He share trends and new directions of functional training for a high quality of life!. Modern fitness world subdued functional training! It's all bodily functions training, focusing on the central part of the body muscles, improving muscle coordination and coordination between them, balance, flexibility.

Giorgio Radici

Giorgio Radici is an elite Master Trainer for Fiteducation certifying instructors, trainers and athletes all around Europe.
- Successful Athlete in the Italian National Athletic Team.
- Nike Athlete and Educator for Nike Fitness Programs.
- International Fitness Presenter
- Functional Training Expert
- Personal Trainer